How did the PTSCA get started?

In December 1982, Bob Athenour (AVHS Spanish teacher & local businessman) and Steve Noble (local real estate executive) met to discuss the feasibility of a Sister City Program for Pleasanton. A committee was formed with representatives of the local business and service clubs (Downtown and North Rotaries, Soroptimists, Kiwanis, Lions Club, and the Chamber of Commerce) and then the search began for a Sister City. Mexico was selected due to its proximity and cultural opportunities.

Bob, during his next visit to Mexico City, learned about Tulancingo from a friend and he was directed to the Tulancingo office of Joel Marroquin, the outgoing President of their Chamber of Commerce. Sr. Marroquin was extremely interested in the possibilities of the program and expressed a strong desire to work on the program if Pleasanton selected Tulancingo as its Sister City. Favorable reaction in both cities led to Tulancingo being selected...

The next step in the process was an exchange of letters between Pleasanton Mayor Bob Butler and Mayor Eric Saucedo. On March 13, 1984, the concept soon became a reality with the signing of a proclamation by the Pleasanton City Council, proclaiming Tulancingo its Sister City.

Excerpt from the proposal sent by Mayor Robert Butler of Pleasanton to Mayor Eric Saucedo of Tulancingo on May 10, 1983.

..... At this time our City Council and I, as Mayor, invite you to consider the idea of a Sister City affiliation with our City of Pleasanton. If such an association should be of interest to you and your City Council, may I suggest that you select a committee to review this concept and the enclosed brief summary of the City of Pleasanton which I am enclosing.

The first Delegation of fourteen people from Pleasanton visited Tulancingo July 31st to August 4th 1984.  That September, from the 19th to the 23rd, seventeen delegates from Tulancingo came to Pleasanton for the first time.  Amongst a variety of events they heard a performance by the Amador Valley HS band, participated in a parade on Main Street and visited several local businesses.