• 2015 The Theresas

    A group of our hardest working sisters, all named Theresa!
  • Firetrucks For Tulancingo

    Surplus Equipment Transferred to Our Amigos
  • 2014 Welcome in Pleasanton

    Tulancingo Delegation and Mayors Julio Soto and Jerry Thorne
  • Cinco de Mayo Mariachis

    At the Wayside Park in Pleasanton
  • Acueducto del Padre Tembleque

    1580's aqueduct, highest since Roman era, about 30 miles from Tulancingo
  • Mayor's Office 2014 Visit

    Tulancingo Mayor Soto welcomes the Pleasanton delegation
  • La Calavera Catrina and Frida

    The most interesting people drop by when we have family dinners!
  • Pleasanton Welcome

    September friends welcomed on classic Pleasanton landmark
  • Tulancingo Guests

    Delegation at the Pleasanton Sports Park
  • Apan Hacienda

    Classic 18th century hacienda (estate) in Hidalgo, a short ride from Tulancingo
  • Tulancingo Dancers

    Our amigos in Tulancingo practiced for three months to put on a traditional regional dancing display that involved five costume changes in thirty minutes!
  • 2013 Delegation

    Welcomed by Mayor Julio Soto and his wife Victoria
  • Ciudades Hermanas

    Sister City Meeting Room in Tulancingo
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